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2019-07-24 08:28:41

Reportedly, Justin Sun has been accused of fraud and illegal cybercrimes at the Chinese Courts. According to Chinese media sources, Justin is prohibited from leaving the country until the accusations against him are cleared.

According to the findings of the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, Justin Sun’s endeavors in China with Wave Foundation and Accompanying Me mobile application are, in reality, a ponzi scam and pornographic portal. According to the report, the mobile app also has some direct role in prostitution.

Recently, the Chinese office of Tron was stormed by the public after a woman attempted to commit suicide due to the financial losses faced in the ponzi scam. Tron Foundation and Justin Sun has denied all accusations and projected that Tron’s brand image was being exploited and they were not involved.

The news came at in the wake of the postponement of lunch with Warren Buffet by Justin Sun. Sun, who was very excited about the lunch and has accepted invitations of four other crypto-leaders from the industry.

This morning on 23rd July, he postponed the lunch until further notice due to kidney stones. However, the Chinese media reported that Justin might be detained at the Chinese Mainland until further notice because of the pending cases against him.

Sun is Admitted to the Hospital, Rebukes All Allegations

Justin Sun has replied to the Chinese crypto community on Weibo stating that all claims are false. According to him, Wave Foundation is not a front for money laundering, but an R&D firm based in Singapore. He clarified is a social media post,

There is no legal capital and cryptocurrency withdrawal channel for capital flow, and the nature of the business determines that it is only related to technology development.

On Accompanying me Mobile App, he said that the application is harmless and the users itself have spread the illicit graphic content. Moreover, he said that it is a ‘voice social product.’

Last but not least, he reaffirmed the people that he is willing to hold an open talk with the Chinese media. In another post, he also said that he had been admitted to the hospital. He said,

 …The donation to the Glide Foundation has been completed and is still valid.

Furthermore, the after-party organized post-lunch will also go forward as planned without Sun in the US.

Do you think that the allegations against Justin Sun are true? Please share your views with us. 

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