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2019-11-09 04:07:35

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The Albuquerque Police Department has implemented all the court-approved policies enforcing constitutional policing and preventing the use of excessive force, an independent monitor said.

Monitor James Ginger confirmed the department has achieved 100% primary compliance with the policies outlined in a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice, The Albuquerque Journal reported Thursday.

“This means that a policy has been written and promulgated requiring specific steps necessary according to the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates),” Ginger said. It’s the first time in a yearslong reform effort that the police have attained complete compliance.

The Department of Justice announced in 2014 that its investigation found Albuquerque police had a pattern of using excessive force, Ginger said.

Since, the police have made strides toward reform including training officers on policies, rewriting its use-of-force policy and recreating a board to review internal investigations, he said.

“Training processes have been basically rebuilt, and APD is currently in the ‘growth phase’ of building internalized planning, development, organization, documentation, delivery, evaluation and supervisory mechanisms to ensure effective and constitutional operations,” Ginger said.

On the other hand, conduct, investigations and discipline by midlevel personnel, mainly field sergeants and lieutenants, continue to be ongoing roadblocks for the reform effort, he said.


Information from: Albuquerque Journal,

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